About Me

Grammar Geek. Coffee Slugger. Pot Stirrer.

Yes, I was the kid sitting in front row of English class fascinated with sentence diagrams.  Today, a thesaurus app is open on my desktop. And, the AP Stylebook and the Elements of Style bring on a Snoopy Dance.

I play with words—all day, every day. And at night, I keep a pencil and pad close in case more words pop into my head when I should be counting sheep.

That’s where the coffee comes in. French press. Pour over. Drip. I find words when I slug coffee. When we meet, I’ll be on my third cup. Oh, and java is a truth serum—so only ask my opinion when you really want it.

But I never stir the pot to poke fun. It’s just sometimes creativity is messy, and to get to the point of your story, I’ll ask tough questions like, “Who Cares?” or “So, what?”

All of it makes me a strategic thinker and content queen—a perfect fit for your team.

Give me a call and let’s talk.

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