Creativity: Finders, Keepers


Deadlines loom, needy bosses don’t understand, and when five o’clock chimes… another whole day begins. I’m discombobulated—no way I can focus—and I have no time to be creative. Sound familiar?

Years ago, I attended a workshop with Artie Isaac, and he mentioned The Artist’s Way. I was familiar with the book having gone through the 12-week program years prior, but life, deadlines and piles of dirty laundry had gotten in the way. I jotted the title down (admittedly, because I wanted to channel a little more of Artie’s good mojo). Me being me, I probably left the workshop and drove directly to Barnes and Noble to get another copy and the 12-week workbook.

During that 12 weeks, I found words. Lots of words. Words that I’d tucked away—afraid to let out. Now, some may say that they’d wish I’d kept the spicy words stuffed away since I don’t mince many anymore. But the new-found words changed my path and altered how I looked at relationships. It’s as if I went away to an exotic 12-week mountain retreat, enjoyed daily art lessons (and massages)—all without the empty bank account at the end of the trip.

I also remembered when I planned for play—Julia Cameron refers to it as Artist’s dates—I came away with creativity, time and energy to accomplish my goals. When was my last  Artist Date? Geez, I used to be pretty good company, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been avoiding me.

I checked my Amazon order history, and the last time I ordered The Artist’s Way Workbook was 2007. A few years back, I made this 12-week program a New Years’ tradition. But I can’t recall the last time I settled in with the material.

My mojo has been off. I keep telling myself it’s the last remnants of winter blues, but I’ve felt strapped for time. The most creative thing I’ve done was draw a smiley face in the dried road salt on my car window, and that was three weeks ago—before I was totally pissed off at the cold weather.

I don’t know what happened to my copy of the Artist’s Way. I probably trashed it the last time I de-cluttered my office in attempt to clear my head. But I think it’s time to order another copy and reset.

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